Pentreve – Bouncing Around With Bubble Football

This weekend was the penultimate one of the half term, how quickly this has come round compared to the long autumn term!


A break from routine saw the EAL group session postponed due to a trip with the boys from Trennick to Buffet City, the ‘all you can eat’ Chinese restaurant in Camborne. The Pentreve boys had been saving themselves for the feast which lay ahead, although one or two wondered how good the food would be. They need not have worried, copious amounts of really nice, fresh food was delivered to the buffet on a constant basis and the boys certainly made the most of it. It was a good job we had a walk to the minibuses, which carried considerably more weight home! The boys even ventured straight up to the Sports Centre to play basketball on their return; their poor stomachs!


Saturday was a busy day on the football front, with Rowan and Fabian playing for the school in a big block fixture against Millfield School, well done guys! The house has also been resounding to the noise of lots of piano playing. Cyrus, Fabian and Nils are all having lessons and Rowan can also play a decent tune. Cyrus is holding master classes in Pentreve and we look forward to supporting him when he plays in the charity concerts in March. Cyrus is also playing the guitar and singing too.


Saturday night would not be the same without copious amounts of pizza. The boys asked me to cook all eight pizzas so that they could put those not eaten in the fridge for Sunday, but surprise, surprise, there was no pizza left by the end of the evening!


On Sunday we embarked on a new adventure for the weekend activity: bubble football. The guys from Bubble Football South West brought all their equipment to the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre for a session of football, bulldog, last man standing and some rolling races. There was a football involved somewhere, but most of the time it was ignored to simply bash into each other!  That said, the score did end up 6-5 to the red team.


You can see some evidence of the carnage which ensued for an hour here, much to the delight of some spectators on the gallery who immediately wanted to book a session themselves. Great fun, really tiring, very safe and something I feel the other houses will soon be eager to try. Getting into the bubbles was hard enough, but once inside it was like having you own huge piece of bubble wrap around you, there were some heavy collisions and much bouncing around, but it was very funny nonetheless!


Then it was back to the boarding house, another hearty Sunday supper from Kath, some catching up with prep and getting ready for another busy week ahead. Next week Mrs Mulready is taking the boys to the Flowrider; should be another amazing trip! Check out next week’s blog for the evidence.


M. Nicholas : Housemaster Pentreve House