Pentreve – Body Boarding at Tolcarne Beach

And so we have come very quickly to the last weekend of the first half of the summer term; time is flying past and it will soon be the summer break. Of course, before we get there, there is just the small matter of some exams (although the boys seem remarkably relaxed about that prospect!), boarders’ camp at Hendra on the last weekend, Sports Day and World Aims Days to negotiate. We had a practice at putting up the tent on Thursday evening and that went very smoothly, the guys are now really looking forward to the camp.


Friday brought the usual round of prep, followed by Sports Centre based activities. We knew that Saturday was going to be a scorcher and so Tolcarne beach it was at 11.30am for a few hours of body boarding, football, volleyball, ice creams and of course some R&R! Suncream was applied liberally, but red faces and shoulders were still apparent on Sunday!  We headed home about 4.00pm in order to catch the FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Hull on TV, which started at 5pm. It was a good job we were not late as otherwise we would have missed two amazing goals from Hull – they almost beat your boys Mr Mulready! After a lucky escape by ‘The Gunners’ it was tea, followed at 8pm by a BBQ in the courtyard of Pentreve.  Chicken wings, burgers, and ribs were all devoured in double quick time whilst watching another Saturday night DVD.


Sunday was normal brunch followed by a request from the boys for less exposure to the sun! They voted unanimously to go to the cinema to watch ‘Godzilla’ – why not on a Sunday! 3D glasses were donned and Godzilla it was for a couple of hours. On return the guys chilled out on the lawn to some music and with a rugby ball, a tennis racket, and anything that they could kick or throw basically!  Sunday evening meal
was a BBQ laid on by Kath in the kitchen and what a feast that was as usual.


You can see a gallery of photos from our weekend here.


M Nicholas, Housemaster