Pentreve Boarding Update – Quad Biking

With the end of the Autumn term in sight and the boys getting really tired it was an opportunity to have a fairly relaxed weekend. Next weekend is Ice Skating at Eden and the Xmas Party, so tune in to Mrs Mulready’s blog for some excellent shots. Last year the dancing was, well… interesting!
Friday was the usual round of prep followed by the SBASC activities and Sat was quiet with the absence of any rugby. What a blustery day it was as Storm Desmond blew in!! So, what better movie to enjoy with pizza and chicken tenders than San Andreas; a disaster movie about earthquakes in San Francisco and ‘The Rock’ (Dwayne Johnson) to save the day… what else would he do with biceps that huge?!!!
Having looked at the weather forecast for Sunday, I was confident that Sunday would be dry at least, if not a little wild! I feel a Michael Fish moment here! It was really heavy drizzle throughout the day and the quadbiking track was a mud bath!
The boys wrapped up and we went for it! They seemed to enjoy it and some of the ‘before and after’ shots will give you an idea of how muddy it was. On our return to the boarding house I spent several hours in the school laundry ensuring that all the boys had their clothes washed and dried before bed time!
Pentreve - Boarding Quad Biking
A full image gallery of the boys quadbiking is available to view here.
Sunday evening was the usual chance to catch up with prep and dry out after the showers took a beating washing off all that mud!
Just over a week to go..can I take this opportunity to wish all the boys and their families a really Happy Christmas and New Year from all the Pentreve team, myself and my children Charlotte and Jack, Mr and Mrs Mulready and the girls, Poppy, Tilda and Bella, Mr Pomery and Mr Barnett.