Pentreve Boarding Update – 21 September 2015 – First Aid Training and Beach Trip

The weekend began in its usual fashion with our weekly boarders departing for home. Andrey who is usually in at the weekend hopped on the train to London to spend some time with his family and Cam headed off to see his Dad also. The remaining boys pottered around after school. Anthony attended Rugby training, Sammy had a tennis lesson and Harry returned exhausted (and struggling to walk) yet elated having spent a successful day competing in the Cornwall School Games Surfing Competition at Godrey where he qualified for the next round.
After a chilli-con-carne or pork supper the boys surprised me with their eagerness to get started on their Friday evening hour of prep… why so eager I asked myself? A little thing called the Rugby World Cup I was quickly reminded. 7.30pm could not come quickly enough and then the boys descended on the common room. Fahed (and his popcorn) did not move for the next couple of hours; a sight I think we will become very accustomed to seeing over the next six weeks. For the rest of the boys, not so affected by the ‘World Cup fever’, it was the usual round of basketball up in the Sports Hall. Sasha (with ice cream) visited Phillip and the games room was popular once again. The boys made the most of the later weekend bedtimes and then collapsed into bed looking forward to a lie in.
Fahed was up early, heading off at 8am, to represent the school in the Under 15’s B team rugby fixture against Mount Kelly and Harry left the house for a surfing weekend, and another competition, before morning roll call. After brunch Sammy and Phillip went out with Maggie, Sammy’s guardian, for the day and relative quiet descended on Pentreve. For Hector, Bosco, Chris, Anthony and Jay the day was spent visiting town/Tesco and making the most of the house facilities. Mr Nicholas, having succumbed to their pleading, popped into town to buy the board game RISK and this, together with the new PS4 controller, filled the afternoon hours. Fahed returned victorious having won 53:0 and the noise levels returned to normal as the boys filtered back home one by one.
Saturday evening only ever means one thing in Pentreve so Mr Mulready and I fired up the pizza oven otherwise known as our cooker. Ten different pizza’s with varying toppings were quickly devoured along with a tub of Celebrations and few cans of pop. The boys enjoyed a movie in the common room before bed.

Sunday morning soon arrived and the longer lie-ins were made the most off. After brunch the boys joined the Trennick boy’s for a two and a half hour First Aid session in the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre. Wound bandaging’s were perfected, the basics of resuscitation and CPR were learnt and much rolling around into the recovery position was enjoyed.

Having been cooped up in a class room for much of the day and with a mini bus going spare we headed off for some fresh air at Swanpool beach in Falmouth. Whether it was the fresh air or ice cream that sealed the deal remains unclear however; I know where I would put my money though. Some beach football/rugby and the biggest ice creams I have ever seen seemed to do just the job and then it was back to school just in time for some supper.
This Sunday evening has been spent catching up with prep, more RISK, more PS4, more rugby and the obligatory bag packing, laundry and room tidying. Sammy and Philipp even squeezed in a bit of tennis playing.
The week ahead is set to be a busy one. Phillip travels to Bournemouth tomorrow morning to play football in the ISFA Cup Under 15 game against Bournemouth Collegiate. On Tuesday morning the school will split into its four competition houses for their first ‘House Song’ rehearsal and on Wednesday evening the whole boarding community will come together for the first Boarders Chapel Service with the Rev. Next weekend Mr Nicholas has booked a Segway session – make sure you check out his blog next week for pictures of the boys attempting to master the balance inhibiting Segways!

Mrs Sarah Mulready – Assistant Housemistress, Pentreve House (Junior Boys’ Boarding)