Pentreve Boarding Update – 15 September 2015 – Laser Tag

It is hard to believe that this is already the second weekend into term. Where has the time gone?
The boys continue to settle into the house and become more comfortable with each other. They are beginning to explore all that Truro School has to offer. Cam and Hector have already been ‘Wargaming’, Andrey is now fencing 3 times a week at the Truro Fencing Club, Sammy has been to the Elite Tennis practice, Philipp, Chris and Andrey have been to football club, Harry continues to surf the socks of all waves, James, Will, Anthony and Fahed all played rugby for the school against Ivybridge this weekend!
Friday night was the usual mix of prep and activities in the Sports Centre, Saturday is the day when the boys can chill out and enjoy the boarding house, and of course a day without prep! They also go to town and some were involved in rugby matches in glorious weather.
As is customary in Pentreve Saturday night is pizza and DVD night and as ever. Sunday was to be the Camel Trail, but with a terrible weather forecast which caused the cancellation of events in Truro, we opted for laser tag at Bombadingas! In true Cornish fashion and following what I think they call ‘Murphys Law’, the sun shone.
That said Pentreve and Poltisco joined forces to take the laser tag by storm. Pictures show that there was much shooting and the ‘Reds’ emerged as the winning team!
After all that shooting it was back to a great roast dinner cooked by Kath, some final bits of prep to finish. More PS3 playing, and preparation for week 2!

M.Nicholas : Housemaster : Pentreve House