Pentreve Boarding Update – 11 January 2016

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And so, the first blog of 2016!
Happy New Year!
The Christmas holidays have been and gone, 2016 has been welcomed in and on Wednesday evening it was lovely to have the boarding house buzzing once again…it does get somewhat quiet and eerie in the holidays. The boys filtered in, regaling their holiday stories, and wow, what a three weeks some of the boys have had, jet setting to the far corners of the globe! By evening roll call everyone except Andrey, who was due back on Saturday, had returned. The unpacking had commenced and bags and uniforms were sorted for the first day of term.
Thursday morning was a shock for some of the boys. The ‘good morning’ grunts were wholeheartedly meant by those who have clearly become accustomed to a lie in of a morning; I tried not to take it too personally. That said they were all dressed and ready in the common room at roll call. With a full-school beginning of term Headmasters assembly the only thing making the day ahead slightly different to any normal Thursday, the school quickly got back into a routine.
Friday afternoon and 3.45pm quickly came about and although it has been just half a week the boys and I were ready for the weekend. With afterschool clubs beginning next week, the boys headed straight down to the house. The weekly boarders departed for home and those in for the weekend made use of the house facilities. Lina and Leona from Poltisco popped in to see Philipp, town was visited by some and it was soon supper time. An hour of prep in the house was completed and then the usual activities in the SBASC followed. Those too tired lazed around the house, watching some television and using the games room. Skype was used by some to contact family and friends back home. Fahed was busy chatting to five different people, all at the same time, for an hour and a half!
Saturday mornings lie in were taken full advantage off, as was Cath’s first brunch of the term. Copious amounts of sausages, bacon, eggs, hash browns, croissants and pain au chocolat’s were wolfed down. The weather was horrendous all day and very few of the boys were brave enough to venture out. Harry and Cam visited Tesco during a dry spell whilst Philipp and Jay decided the cinema was a good place to be and went to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Saturday evening saw a return of the DVD and pizza night. Mr Mulready and I stoked up the pizza oven and I was shocked to see, for the first time in a LONG time, that pizza was still left, uneaten, at roll call! The boy’s assured me that this was just a momentary blip and that normal service would be resumed next week! Later bed times were enjoyed and the boys went to bed having had a relaxed and indoors-ey type day.
Sunday morning began with a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ for Andrey. The weather was a little better and this meant the weekend’s activity of Go Karting at Coast2coast could go ahead. The boys loaded the minibus after bunch and we headed off, with the Poltisco girls in convoy, to Hayle. The group was randomly split and the competition began. Who would get the fastest lap? Who would be the first to lose control and spin out?
After two sessions each it was Andrey that emerged as the Pentreve champion. Sammy came in a close second and Jay was third. A lot of fun was had and the weather held off just long enough for us to enjoy it; it literally began to rain as we fastened our seat belts for the return journey.
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It was then back to the house for an hour before supper. Cath cooked up a storm in the kitchen with Pork and Apricot Tagine, Sticky Lamb Chops and Stuffed Peppers all on offer.
The boys spent the evening completing homework, packing their bags and sorting their laundry.
Tomorrow marks the first full week of the spring term; five whole days of schooling is going to come as a shock to a number of us after such lovely holidays. The boys have all been set new targets based on their end of term reports and Mr Nicholas and I will be encouraging the boys to make the most of the opportunities on offer during the spring term.
Over the course of the next two weeks we will welcome two new members of staff to Pentreve House. Mr Picton, a Physics teacher and Miss Nineham who teaches History replace Mr Pomery who left us at the end of the autumn term. We hope that they both enjoy their time with us and settle into the role quickly. Mr Nicholas and I are confident that the boys will benefit greatly from their expertise and we are excited to be working with them.

Mrs Sarah Mulready (Assistant Housemistress, Junior Boy’s Boarding)