Pentreve Boarding – Pitch and Pu… ahh a snake!!!!

The first weekend back after a lovely long Easter holiday was quickly upon us and we welcome Colin to the house from Germany and hope that he enjoys his term with us.
Friday evening was Mrs De Gruchy’s session with the overseas pupils in the Pentreve lounge and it is only just big enough as her group has now grown to around a dozen or more!
After this the Sports Centre was busy as the guys made good use of this amazing facility.

Boarding on Saturday

Saturday is the day to chill and the boys went to town and relaxed in the house. Saturday afternoon was BBQ time and Marks and Spencer’s ‘Aberdeen Angus’ burgers and ‘Posh Dog’ sausages were consumed in haste as Mr Nick huddled under his porch in the drizzle – a truly Cornish BBQ scene!
You may think that this might mean the boys did not attend supper; not a chance! They ate heartily again and then it was off to see the new Avenger’s Film at the Plaza in Truro on Saturday night. 3D goggles were adorned and the reviews from the boys were good.

Boarding on Sunday

Sunday turned out to be a much brighter day and at the boys request it was golf at the Holywell Bay pitch and putt course. Challenges were made, bragging rights were with Fabian who was the low scorer last time and so with many spare balls – believe me we needed them!
Nils raced into an early lead and frustration was shown as putts were missed and balls were lost. The rough on the course is unforgiving and there can be surprise wildlife to be found amongst the brush as Fabian found out! On early descriptions it seemed like an ordinary grass snake, but it may have been a Cornish Constrictor – or even a Kernow Anaconda!
Pentreve Junior Boys Boarding Golf
I am sure the snake will grow with every telling of the story and how Fabians life flashed before him when confronted by this huge menacing snake. We do get large worms in Cornwall so without too much documentary evidence we will never know; although Nils did vouch for the fact it was a snake.
There was a certain nervousness as other shots were hit into the rough and all too easily balls were declared ‘lost’ rather than searched for – funny that!
I did meet Fabian later in the round and when I remarked that his golf was not as good as last time he promptly declared he was suffering from PTSD… Post Traumatic Snake Disorder! He claimed that the PTSD had affected his confidence, mind set, and swing. What an excuse!
A traumatised Fabian finished the day shooting 88, Alec just better on 87 with the door was left open for Nils to emerge Champion with a score of 83.
We all left the course windswept and tired but there were lots of happy faces.

Junior Boys Boarding on the golf course in Cornwall

Featured Image: Boarding students on the golf course