Pentreve Blog 9-11 Oct 2015

The Autumn term is always the longest term and as the boarders arrived on Sun 30 August, we have now arrived at the point where they are all looking forward to some rest and family time. What better way to end this half term than with an action packed weekend. Friday was the normal run of prep and SBASC and some chose to have an early night as they were helping with the schools’ Open Morning on Saturday. Uniform was donned and breakfast taken at a very early hour for them!!
The school was really busy with visitors and the guys did a great job in being on hand to talk to visitors or act as guides.
Saturday night has been traditionally pizza and DVD night, but increasingly chicken nuggets are creeping in..that is if you call 72 chicken nuggets creeping..!!!!..and pizzas too, of course!
Sunday was another early breakfast as we had decided some time ago to do a ‘team building’ day with ‘Footsteps of Discovery’ in Trenowth Woods. Mrs Mulready had set up the day and I must admit, some were a little wrong they were. We had a fantastic day with the instructors and all the boarders engaged in each of the activities. We split into 3 random groups with a nice blend of age and gender and off we went.
There were courses on; how to start a fire (useful as they had to cook their own lunch over an open fire with supervision), how to save a pilot whose plane had crashed in the woods (useful because……well I guess you never know!!!), team work exercises using a very clever rope system to build blocks and of course the most useful activity of all and one which will be extremely valuable in their lives……AXE THROWING!!!…don’t ask! Suffice to say the instructors were all highly qualified, everything was really well controlled and safety was paramount!!