Pentreve – ‘Big Dunks’ Lazer Tag

Friday night saw the usual round of prep and time in the Sports Centre and anticipation was high for the rugby matches on Saturday versus Blundell’s, one of our biggest rivals! William played for the 1st year team, Shin, Eneko and Cyrus all played for the 3rd year B team, Calum played for the 4th year A team and Justus, Mikel and Enric all played for the 4th year B team. It is fantastic to see so many of the house representing the school at the weekend.


Saturday night was DVD and pizza night and I could barely put the pizzas on the table before they were devoured.


Sunday came and after the usual hearty brunch we went to Big Dunks for some outdoor lazer tag. Teams were selected, missions were set out by Big Dunk himself and battle commenced! Early exchanges were cautious and we were soon told by Big Dunk to get on with it and attack!! Bridges fell, Castles were stormed and The Alamo faced a full on assault from the likes of Shin, who took Big Dunks advice literally! It was a massacre!


Sunday night was relaxed with prep to finish and washing to do for Monday!!


A gallery of images from the weekend is available to view.