Pentreve – The Adventures of Brian the Baby Seagull

The first week of the last half term has seemingly flown by and the reality that it is exam week the week after next seems to have hit home. We welcomed two new faces to the house this week too: Shaun was with us for two nights and Frankie has joined us for the remainder of the term. It has been great to have them and we hope that Shaun enjoyed his stay with us. I have no doubt that Frankie will make the most of all that boarding has to offer; he seems to have settled in very well.


The weekend started rather differently this week when David knocked on my door after school to report a lost baby duck in the garden – well I think his exact words were ‘Miss, there is a lost baby duck in the garden, can we keep it, keep it as a house pet, please?’. Upon inspection the lost baby duck turned out to be an injured baby seagull whose parents were watching close by. After a phone call to the local vet later on in the evening, we popped Brian (yes, Brian) into a cardboard box to shelter from the wet and cold weather that the forecasters promised was coming.


The evening panned out as usual otherwise, the boys enjoyed a chicken supper followed by a quick game of football in the garden. It was then an hour of prep before Alan, Cyrus, Hector, Rory, Calum, Niko, Shin and Frankie headed up to the SBASC with Mr Mulready for some sports hall football with some of the Trennick boys. The rest of the evening saw the boys chilling out in the common room before bed whilst listening to the thunder storm unravelling outside.


On Saturday morning Calum and Rory set their alarms for an early wake up. Why? What could possibly tempt the boys out of their beds at a staggeringly early 7.30am on a Saturday morning? The rugby of course, and the new 40’’ television made for even better viewing! For the rest of the house lie-ins were taken advantage of before brunch. It was then off to the Royal Cornwall Show in Wadebridge.


The boys enjoyed three and a half hours of exploring the show ground and only returned to regale us with stories of their entrepreneurial skills; lunch wasn’t needed apparently – who needs to buy lunch when there is a copious amount of free Cornish cheese and bread on offer? Shin and Eneko responded best to the ‘freebie’ challenge and deservedly won the pick and mix prize for their efforts. We arrived back to the house just in time for supper and then the boys returned to the common room for yet another rugby game. It was then the customary DVD and pizza night before bed.


Sunday saw a change of guard when Mr Nicholas took over. I was due to take part in the first of the four open water swim events that I have entered to raise money for charity. Unfortunately due to the bad weather and sea conditions the organisers of the Castle 2 Castle event have postponed until sometime in September/early October. So with Mr Nicholas in the driving seat the boys enjoyed a chilled out day and visited the cinema in town. This week’s choice of film was the new Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise offering, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’. The afternoon and evening brought nice weather and the boys made the most of the new football goal in the garden; what better way to welcome our two new boarders, Matteo and Alessandro, who join us from Italy. With the house now full we are looking forward to a fun filled end to the year, once the internal exams have been sat that is.


Mrs Sarah Mulready

Assistant Housemistress (Pentreve House, Junior Boys’ Boarding)