Pentreve – A Trip to Falmouth

This week, the penultimate week of this term has been a busy one for the boys. We welcomed Oscar to the house on Sunday evening and with Hamzar (William’s exchange partner) already in situ this meant Pentreve was full to bursting. Interim exams have been sat in many subjects and the boys have been working hard in prep time. Wednesday saw Nils out doing fieldwork and on Thursday it was Henry and Rowans turn. All the boys have had busy sporting weeks with football, hockey and rugby 7’s matches too, quite where they find the energy is a mystery!

The Eclipse

On Friday the school was buzzing with excitement and not just because it was ‘home clothes day’. The school downed tools at about 9.20am on Friday morning to witness the skies get darker, the temperature drop and the birds cease their signing. The eclipse was quite fascinating and it was great to see the students witnessing the phenomenon.

Truro Sixth Form View Eclipse

Almost there! Just a glimmer of sunlight.

Boarding on Friday Night

Friday evening, the last Friday evening of the term, soon came about and with Mrs de Gruchy busily preparing the sixth formers for an exam the usual Friday evening extra English lesson did not quite follow the customary routine. The girls from Poltisco still came over and the group worked conscientiously at filling in the consolidation worksheets that Mrs de Gruch sent over. It was then basketball in the sports hall before bed.

A Relaxed Saturday

Saturday greeted us with blue skies and indeed the weekend’s weather has continued to remind us that Spring is here and that perhaps Summer is on its way (sshhh, I didn’t say that!). Although cold at times the sun has been shining, shorts and flip flops have been dug out from the back of the wardrobe and the full extent of the Pentreve facilities have started to be realised.


Saturday was a free day for all and the boys chilled out in the house, went to the gym, visited town, played some tennis and kicked a ball around in the garden. Mr Barnett very kindly popped over to cover for a few hours in the afternoon. Quite how much of the intended work he managed to get done though I am not sure as I believe there was an important rugby game on the television! Alec, remind us, what was the score? Saturday evening saw the usual rounds of pizza being devoured and the boys settled down in the common room with a DVD.

Day Trip to Falmouth

On Sunday, the boys enjoyed a long lie in and woke just in time for brunch. Determined to make the most of the fine weather we then headed off to Falmouth on the train. The boys spent two hours perusing the shops and taking in the sights and the evidence on the house camera that I gave them indicates that their stomach’s must have started to rumble (why am I not surprised?). Burgers to rival (and possible surpass) the Hub Box were found along with a number of house ‘selfies’!

Sunday Night Barbecue

When we arrived back at the house Mr Mulready fired up the BBQ in the courtyard where burgers and sausages a plenty were on offer. It was great to see the return of the one handed table tennis pose; burger in one hand, table tennis bat in the other. Once again not a single sausage remained; I am sure these boys have hollow legs.


Boarding House Meal Truro School

Mr Mulready working his magic – the first of many Pentreve BBQ’s for this year!

A couple of hours later and it was supper time where a dinner of chicken and leek pie or gammon was enjoyed. The usual Sunday evening routine of homework completing, bag packing and room tidying then ensued. Our weekly boarders returned and it is hard to believe that the final week of the Spring term is due to start in the morning.

School Reports for the Boarders

I received the reports for the 1st and 2nd years on Wednesday morning and have been busily reading them and adding my own comment, they are excellent and a testament to just how hard the boys have been working. It is fair to say we play hard here in Pentreve but we certainly work hard too. With the 4th year grade cards imminent it will be interesting to see who emerges as winners of the converted Dominoes’ pizza prize this time around; having inside information all I can say is the 4th years need to pull something quite remarkable out of the bag!


All that remains for me to say is well done to all the Pentreve boys for surviving a very busy term, we are very proud of all that they have achieved. I hope that they use the Easter holidays to rest, relax and recharge. Mr Nicholas and I are looking forward to an exciting Summer term where beach weekends will become the norm, evening football sessions on the beach before prep will be enjoyed and the small matter of end of year exams will be sat. The term will finish with the much raved about boarders camp in Newquay. So much to look forward too!


Have a very happy Easter!!!

Mrs Sarah Mulready
Assistant Housemistress (Pentreve House, Junior Boy’s Boarding)