Remote Teaching

The continuation of lessons are being conducted using a range of online software, including Everest, Microsoft Teams, Moodle, Kerboodle, MyMaths, Everlearner, ClickView and more. All of these software products were already in use in the school before the site closure, but the use of Teams by students has been rolled out over the last four weeks in response to the Coronavirus crisis. The use of all of the school’s online digital resources is being expanded.

Work is being set on the school portal (Everest) which enables staff to access set lists, set work and take registers remotely, as well as awarding commendations and warnings. Pupils and parents at the senior school, and parents at the Prep School, can access the set work. Work may then be completed offline or online using a range of resources, but Microsoft Teams is the main software product that we are using for delivering interactive online lessons.

To facilitate online conferencing, parents should support pupils by providing children with a workspace that is quiet, safe and free from distractions with an adult nearby if necessary, making sure your pupils are dressed appropriately (school uniform is not necessary), ensuring that face to face communication is only between teachers and students, and any parent to teacher communication should be in the usual manner via email.

Moodle and Everest can be accessed using the links below. There is also a guidance document below to support students to submit work easily.

For tips and helpful advice on learning from home please see the following pages: