Outstanding GCSE Results at Truro School

The 5th Year students at Truro School are ecstatic following some outstanding GCSE Results. The extent of this year’s achievements is evident in that half of all grades awarded were A* or A, with one fifth at the top A* standard. This is three times the national average.  Twelve of our students achieved eight or more A* grades while twenty three students achieved 10 A*/A or higher.


Octavia Copeland, who achieved 4 A*s and 6 As, said: “I think I expected to do well but it still feels amazing! I’m so happy because I did well in the subjects I’m studying next year and I have a twin at the school, Toby, who also did well so we’re really pleased. Toby and I are both staying at Truro School, and I am going to study Classical Civilisation, Religious Studies, English and Geology.”


Headmaster Andrew Gordon-Brown said: “Once again we have seen some excellent results at GCSE level and our pupils are understandably pleased.  Over half of our departments were rewarded with more than 50% A*/A grade outcomes.  Phoebe Piercy has not only topped our school tables with her 11 A* grades, but has achieved the highest mark in the country in Geology, proving for the second year running that the Geology department does indeed rock.”


Mr Gordon-Brown went on to say, “As our 5th Year students make final decisions about A Level options, they will take comfort from the fact that our value-added at A Level this year has been truly outstanding.  I am delighted that so many of them are staying on to benefit from Truro School Sixth Form and will make the most of the amazing opportunities on offer both inside and outside the classroom. ”


Click here to see this year’s GCSE Results Summary 2014 (PDF).