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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic all non-essential staff are currently working from home as per the Government guidelines. However, Nicky and Amanda will be accessing emails and answerphone messages daily.

If any alumni need help or assistance in these unprecedented times, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll do our best to help through our Old Truronian network.

Telephone: 01872 246010

We all hope you and your loved ones stay safe and well.

Messages from our community

Below we aim to share warm messages we have received from our community anonymously in the hope it will bring some positivity to you all. If you would like to contribute to the messages of goodwill and strength in these uncertain times, please do complete the submission form below or email us directly at

If you wish to add your email address and location and offer help to those nearby please indicate your permission in the form.

My overwhelming experience as the Headmaster of Truro School is that I lead a community in the true sense of the word. We are a group of pupils, staff, family and friends who look out for one another and who seem to have a reservoir of endless acts of kindness and generosity. I am very proud of the whole school community and the way they have responded over the last couple of weeks as news of this pandemic has unfolded.

Andrew Gordon-Brown


Not having been to Truro School as a pupil, I can only marvel at the sense of community and goodwill throughout the School. If ever there was a good time for this to manifest itself, it’s now. In addition to the provision for remote, online learning for pupils, the School and Foundation are endeavouring to help in as many areas as possible. We are trying to stay in touch with our senior alumni and have people helping to shop for those who are vulnerable or less able. The Senior Leadership Team are working with a charity to see if the kitchens might be used for preparing, vac-packing and distribution of food to vulnerable people and children eligible for free school meals. The Prep School site has been offered as a free parking facility for Treliske Hospital workers and the boarding houses are ready should the medical crisis worsen in our area and they become needed to accommodate children of key workers.

We’re keen to help, so – if you think we can help anyone – please tell us.

Take good care in the meantime.

Graham Hooper
Old Truronian Parent and Chairman of TS Foundation


Kathy and I would like to send our best wishes to all in the Truro School community at this challenging time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. We are locked down in the village in Suffolk but feel sure that the strength, compassion and resilience of the school will see you through to better times ahead. Our particular thoughts are to those school leavers whose celebration of their time at the school has been curtailed. No doubt you will find an opportunity to come together and we wish you all the best for the future.


Paul Smith
Former TS Headmaster and Foundation Trustee


Well done Truro School for supporting the ‘Hive Project’!

Faith in Action…. “To be rather than to seem to be”

Bless you all and keep safe

Tim Gerry CO73


Thank you so much for keeping us informed. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time. This viral imposition will not last forever, so stay strong and look forward to your time back at work.

We’re in lock-down Down Under, but it could be worse. At least with a million books in house, I will have time to clear a few shelves.

Stay well and best wishes,

Brian Richards CO57


That is very kind indeed; we are fine at the moment, but who knows where this may lead and it is definitely a reassurance to receive an offer like yours. Many institutions claim to be a community but this shows that Truro School actually is. Best wishes in all your efforts.

Richard Golds
Former Staff – Truro


My phone number and contact details are here for any one in our Truro School Community (direct pupil or family or just friend) who may need a little help, a phone call or a delivery.

Telephone: 07855505782  Email:

I have been able to put into perspective what really matters, good people as they create good outcomes. My only weakness to a coping strategy at present is access to a “wholesale pasty supplier”. I may now have to make my own and will need some recipes!

Now really is the time for ESSE QUAM VIDERI.

Matt Mullaly CO86, TSA Committee Member


Best wishes to all Former Pupils at this awful time. Can I recommend that if you are fit and able, you contact your local Parish, Town or City Councils and offer assistance in these times, as I have done. I’m delivering hot meals to self-isolating over 70’s and the satisfaction that you’re doing something worthwhile is great. Do consider helping this way if you can. 

Chris Rowe CO76
TSA Deputy Chair and Committee Member


I am quite touched that you should remember me and take the trouble to write, it’s good to be reminded of the rather special “community” we have. I am quite sure that we will pull together and defeat these unprecedented threats to our way of life.


I consider myself very fortunate to be a former pupil of Truro School and it’s good to know that if things started going haywire on the personal front I could give you a call.


Thank you for your email and particularly its content. Your concern and offer of assistance is very much appreciated in these challenging times for everyone. For the moment we are fine – and we sincerely hope that you and all the Truro School community remain fit and healthy.


A very thoughtful email.  Thank you. However I am pleased to say I don’t need to take up your kind offer.  The extra good news is that I am, like many others, daily getting great advice from Sir Patrick Vallance who I see was also at Truro.


Fortunately I feel with the right “detergents” we should prevail!


We are not in need of assistance – Thank Heavens – we live in the centre of Camborne where the shops & other facilities are within easy reach. Our neighbours have offered to help in any way necessary. I think we are “blessed” in that respect.


We are fine at the moment, but who knows where this may lead and it is definitely a reassurance to receive an offer like yours. Many institutions claim to be a community but this shows that Truro School actually is. Best wishes in all your efforts.



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