Norway World Challenge 2015

On 10 August the Norway World Challenge Team met up in the newly refurbished Sixth Form Centre for build up day. The team consisted of 16 3rd Years, two members of staff: Mr and Mrs Cucknell and the World Challenge trip leader, the inspiring Elaine Brown – a Mother, Grandmother, Triathlete and National Husky dog racer!

Day 1
The whole team were excited to see each other to discuss their summer holidays to date and of course how well they had packed their rucksacks. It was only then that they were reminded that all of their bags had to be unpacked, checked by Elaine and then repacked with the additional weight of tents, fuel, cooking equipment, safety equipment and heaps of dried food consisting mainly of the beloved ‘bean feast’.

We packed our bags in the sunshine and familiar environment of the school quad area and before we knew it, time had flown. We had eaten our last fresh salads of the week as well as Aahba’s lovely red velvet birthday cupcakes, not to mention Jo’s pre-birthday cake. Such delights we would remember fondly in the hard trekking days to come. By 9pm we were all aboard the National Express to Heathrow, a reliable but relatively noisy public bus journey to the airport with some quirky drivers.