Netball Summary – Week Beginning 19 January 2015

Under 18 vs Ivybridge Community College

This was an outstanding match with both sides producing some first class play. It gave us the opportunity to try out different combinations in preparation for the regional finals next week at Bournemouth. Although the final score was 20-23 the girls performed superbly and thoroughly enjoyed the competitive nature of game.

Players player was Jess Pascoe.


U14 vs U15 Intra-school match

This was an excellent training game for the U14s before the regionals. The girls from both teams were very determined and focused. Five 7 minute games were played. The scores were (with the U14 score first):


3-6, 3-1, 1-11, 3-3 and 4-7.


There was some superb netball displayed from both teams.