Molly Carleston Plays Alongside Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Molly Carleston, a third year Truro School student, recently got the chance to play alongside the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra under famous conductor Maxime Tortelier.
Molly was selected to perform in the high-level production after being identified as one of the most talented oboe players in the region.
The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra have been touring the South-West leading workshops and events with regional schools.
The latest stop on their tour took them to Constantine on Tuesday 23 April to perform with students in front of an audience of 70 people.
Molly’s main performance was a wind quintet piece called Old Wine and New Bottles, by Gordon Jacob.
Molly said:

‘It was quite a tricky piece but we had the music 3 weeks before the event so we had lots of time to practise. We had a rehearsal at 12.30-5.30 on the day followed by the main event in the evening.’

Molly Carleston - Oboe player Cornwall

Featured Image: Molly Carleston – Third Year Student at Truro School

Born in France, Maxime Tortelier is an emerging talent who will soon be making his conducting debut with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and the Ulster Orchestra.
Molly said:

‘Maxime is one of those people that breathe music. He was really helpful with every instrument. It was really good to play under him as conductor’.

Molly first became interested in the Oboe towards the end of primary school after being inspired by her mum, a local woodwind teacher.

‘I decided to play the Oboe because it is quite a unique instrument, not many people play it.’ Molly said.

Molly, who is also grade 5 on the piano, will be taking her ABRSM diploma for the oboe in July.
The diploma exam requires a 40 minute recital, followed by a theory examination led by the invigilator.
If she passes, Molly will not only receive UCAS points but also ‘Dip ABRSM’ after her name; not bad for a student who has not yet started GCSE’s!
When asked about her future plans, Molly said:

‘Despite enjoying music, I currently intend to go down the route of medical education and become a surgeon. Although music is something that I will always carry on as a hobby’