The Mobile Phone Show

This year’s Truro School Senior Play was a new piece by Jim Cartright, based on our modern day society and the most popular piece of technology, the mobile phone. It was a fantastic success. Below, 5th Year’s Rebecca talks about what she’s learned and what she’ll  miss.


“The closing night of every good show is an emotional one. A small cloud of sadness hangs over the dressing rooms as it dawns on everyone that this is it. Never again will everyone work together on The Mobile Phone show. For months beforehand, you’ve worked with the same people several times a week; sometimes for hours at a time. You get to know them, and they you. Essentially, a cast that gets on well together are like a family and through birthdays, exams and the stress of forgotten lines, they support each other, their new-found friends, in a universal effort to showcase their talents. Yet, although the sadness lingers, the memories that are made; both good and bad, remain.


The Mobile Phone Show is the first show I’ve been a part of for a few years and I was unsure of what to expect. The cast were filled with mostly unfamiliar faces and unknown names, something that’s always quite daunting. However, I’ve made some brand new friends in the cast and crew that I wouldn’t necessarily have made had I not been a part of the show. I still speak to them now but I do still miss all the rehearsal fun.


Not only has it been such an enjoyable experience working on the show, but I’ve also learnt some fantastic tips for acting. It was physically exhausting working in the Frantic Assembly workshop in January, but I’ve left the workshop with a more detailed knowledge of physical theatre and how to do lifts safely on stage.


As always, the last few weeks before the play were a little bit stressful with learning lines and I was terrified on opening night. However, I was fuelled with adrenaline as everyone burst on stage and I loved every second, every laugh, every tear and every applause. The feedback everyone got was amazing and I was so elated that the show was a resounding success! I whole-heartedly adored every second of the performances and the after-show party was a high-light, filled with pizza, cake, loud eighties music and even the odd selfie.


I’m so grateful that I got the opportunity to be in the cast for The Mobile Phone Show, it is a wonderful experience that I will never, ever forget. For me, The Mobile Phone Show has been the best school play I’ve ever done and a massive thank-you to Miss Egar to being the best director anyone could ask for!”


You can see pictures from the show in our gallery.