Malvern – A Trip Down River

With the weather still warm and tranquil a trip down the River Fal seemed like such a good idea.  We left Truro at around midday on our rather large double decker bus and headed for Malpas.  The sun was shining and there was not a breath of air.  We boarded our boat about 15 minutes later and then enjoyed what can only be described as a beautiful experience: the wildlife was out, the visitors had gone home and the river was calm and blue.  Around an hour later we landed at Falmouth and in traditional Malvern style headed off to the coffee bars and clothes shops.  Eventually, after much wandering around, we met back at the railway station and enjoyed the scenic route home to Truro.  Saturday evening involved blackberry picking and film watching, The Sound of Music being a regular on our favourites list.  On Sunday academic work was the focus, although with the beautiful weather it was hard to stay inside.  All in all, a lovely weekend was had by everyone!


Head of Malvern House – Claire Murphy