Malvern – Treasure Land

Another lovely weekend in boarding, and the sun was actually shining.  Friday night was a quiet evening with both the girls and the staff quite tired – except for Benny, who has just arrived from Nigeria and should be the most tired but appeared to be the least weary of all of us!  It’s great to have girls with such stamina.


Saturday, as usual, was a day of sport.  Most of the teams were up on the fields, and the Sports Hall and its car park were packed.  Those who were not playing were watching or walking their dogs: lucky Bobbie, three walks on Saturday!  With the weather so bright and sunny, many girls went into town for their usual Starbucks coffee, a good chat and a stroll around this beautiful city.


Sunday was once again activity day.  17 of us went out to Treasure Land at Redruth and the mini bus was literally full to the brim!  We painted mugs, pixies, pots and plates, with the girls we reluctant to leave as one pixie wasn’t finished!  It will be exciting to collect all of the crockery on Wednesday though, once it has been fired in the kiln.


A lovely weekend and a restful day, with just a little of the summer still left in the air.


Claire Murphy
Head of Girls’ Boarding