Malvern – Thank You Messages and a New Face!

It has been another busy week and weekend in Malvern!

Thank You Messages

Lots of well done’s as usual. Well done to Benny for singing in the Charity concert and well done to Benny for riding a quad bike, well done to Alysia and Emily for helping others who were in need of support, and of course well done to everyone for being massively helpful and supportive during a very busy week and weekend.

Welcoming a New Face

We also welcome Marta into the house which is very exciting as having a prospective Olympian living with us is not a very common occurrence. We hope that she is as happy here as we are and we hope that she settles in quickly.


Now that the sun is shining and spring is on its way let’s also hope that we can continue this term in the very positive way in which we have started it.