Malvern – tea and cup cakes

After a very busy two weeks of U6th and L6th mock exams and with tiredness, winter colds and tummy upsets getting the better of everyone we decided on a relatively quiet weekend.


Friday night became DVD night and we watched a series of rather strange and unusual films, some of which I don’t think we will be watching again!  Saturday however, became a real family day and we decided to go to the Baking Bird in the city and enjoy an amazing array of cupcakes, hot chocolates and tea.  So, snuggled down in some very large pink sofas, we settled in for the afternoon as the rain and storms circled around us.  I explained to the girls that when you are not feeling very well the traditional English cure is tea and cake, and it did indeed make us all feel much better!


Saturday night was ‘The Great Gatsby’ with our usual sweet supplies, however, after so much cake as well as supper, not too much more sugar was consumed.


Sunday was work and gym for all of us, with two weeks to go we all had to get our heads down and make sure that we were ready for the week ahead!