Malvern – a super weekend

As the winds battered the lovely Cornish city of Truro the girls and I made every attempt to stay inside and in the warm.  Friday night was very much associated for at least some of us with health and fitness.  As we clambered our way up the hill in the wind and rain, trainers and tracksuits at the ready it was very comforting for at least a short period to escape into the warm dark depths of our fantastic new sports hall.


Saturday was however, a little more pedestrian.  We all glanced momentarily out of the window and decided that the cinema definitely seemed a wise choice!  Several excellent films were on and the final selection came down to – ‘12 Years a Slave’, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, and ‘American Hustle’.  What we didn’t anticipate was the age limit on ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and on arrival realised we had to do some rather speedy re-adjustments of our plans!  In the end however, everyone did get to see a film, even if it wasn’t quite the one they had expected.


Sunday was a glorious day inside the house, clearly not outside.  All of the girls were given the challenge of producing a piece of jewellery for another member of the house, and a Valentine’s card for anyone else they could think of.  Jessie was pleased!


It has therefore been a super weekend despite the weather and of course made even more fun by the arrival of Clara who has come back to visit us for a week. Fantastic!


Claire Murphy – Housemistress of Malvern House