Malvern – St Ives

It has been a busy week, followed by an even busier weekend in Malvern House!  Many of our girls faced up to the rigours of Upper Sixth mock exams during the week, and most of the international boarders also spent a whole day working through the many sections of the IELTS test on Thursday.  On top of that, our actors had to cope with final rehearsals for the senior play (and a serious dose of performers’ nerves), as they readied themselves for their opening night on Thursday.


Thankfully, when the weekend finally arrived it got off to a great start as we were able to celebrate Becky’s 17th birthday on Friday, followed in quick succession by Hannah’s on Saturday.  An excuse to eat cake never goes to waste in Malvern, so a huge thank you to both sets of parents who sent birthday cakes and other assorted treats, which were very much enjoyed by all.


On Saturday, Liva went to Truro Leisure Centre to play in a county badminton tournament, while the rest of us migrated outdoors to enjoy the glorious sunshine.  There were a variety of stalls and entertainments in Lemon Quay, Truro, which the girls who ventured into town enjoyed, and of course the beautiful school grounds and Sports Centre for those who weren’t feeling quite so adventurous.  After dinner, we all went to watch the senior play, ‘The Mobile Phone Show’, which gave us the opportunity to watch the incredibly talented Bo, Benny and Hannah in action on the stage.  The play was really excellent: funny and thought-provoking in just the right measure.  Although the whole cast kept us entertained with their high-energy performances, we all agreed that the high points were definitely Benny’s rap, Bo’s interaction with the audience (particularly the Head Master!), and Hannah’s flirting with Arsen – not that we’re biased, of course!


After the play we came back to Malvern, and quickly decorated the kitchen in order to throw a surprise birthday party for Hannah.  The girls enjoyed some dancing (Benny even taught me a few ‘moves’!), lots of food and drink, and the helium balloons.


All the excitement meant that a lie-in was needed on Sunday morning, so we were grateful for the few extra hours in bed, followed by a wonderful brunch.  Inspired by the previous day’s sunshine, we decided that a trip to the coast was in order, so we went to St Ives in the afternoon (see photo attached).  This gave us a chance to paddle in the sea, wander the quaint, cobbled streets, and spend a relaxing hour or so in a beachside café.  Unfortunately ‘relaxing’ wasn’t quite how Veronica and Yoyo would describe having their ice creams stolen by dive-bombing sea gulls, but at least it made for a memorable afternoon!


We returned to school in time for dinner, followed by an evening of prep, room tidying, and school bag packing to get us ready for the week ahead.