Malvern – Spinning Around

Hoola Hooping seemed an unusual activity to choose a few weeks ago when it was first suggested by one of our members of staff, however, having spent an hour and a half whirling hoops around various parts of our bodies yesterday I am certain that it was something we will definitely do again.  It was one of those wonderful activities where you are doing exercise but it doesn’t feel like it until after you have finished!  It also made us laugh a lot which was great.  You can see some photos from our afternoon here.


This week has also been busy for many of our girls.  A huge thank you must go to Nancy for running our assembly on Thursday for the 4th and 5th Years.  This was an even more remarkable feat given the fact that her video clips wouldn’t play at the last minute and she ended up having to run the whole event without any IT support.  Yoyo and Anna also helped with this venture so a big thank you must go to them too.  Nini did brilliantly as well at this year’s Model United Nations which was held on Saturday.  She once again, for the second year running, won a ‘Distinguished Delegate’ award as well as being a member of the ‘Distinguished Delegation’.  This is a remarkable achievement and we are all so proud of her.


Today is Sunday and the house is quiet.  I am marking all of my GCSE practical Biology exams and the girls are all quietly working around the house.  If we do finish in time we have planned to go to the gym so fingers crossed that we actually all manage to work our way through the various paper piles.  Next week is busy with mock exams looming so it’s going to probably be heads down for all of us over the next few weeks.