Malvern – Slips, Trips and Spinning Around

It’s unbelievable to think that we’re about to start the last week of the half term; where has the time gone to?  Hopefully the fact that the last few weeks have passed so quickly means that all of the boarders have been busy having fun (and studying hard!).


On Friday evening, we waved goodbye to our weekly boarders, Hannah and Nancy, and to Emily and Beccy who were staying overnight with friends.  The rest of the girls were feeling the need to unwind so after dinner they decided to watch the Disney film, Frozen.  This was accompanied by much singing from everyone apart from Benny, who amazingly declared that she hates all of the songs from the film – bah humbug!  Most girls then turned in for an early night, tired out after a busy week at school.


On Saturday, Agne was up early to join in with a day of expedition training for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, while Penelope spent the day in the Music School at a workshop to help her with her GCSE Music course.  Veronica and Alice both had friends visiting for the day, so after brunch they set off into Truro to spend the day showing their friends the city’s sights.  The rest of us met up with Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Kenward and the girls from Poltisco House to travel to St Ives for a roller disco.  With our roller skates securely strapped to our feet, we spent almost two hours skating, enjoying the disco lights, dry ice and loud music – although unfortunately there were more songs from Frozen for Benny to endure!  Everyone arrived with different levels of experience: Charlotte and Toni, as experienced ice skaters, were brilliant, Anna and Ally were amazing too having skated before, while Christy and Ankie, each skating for the first time, did wonderfully to get the hang of it so quickly.  By the end of the afternoon, Ankie was flying around the disco!  My personal star, though, was Maria, who although not a natural skater tried incredibly hard, and laughed even harder when she fell over!  There were a few impressive trips and slips, but we had a lot of fun, and left with no more than a few bruises between us (although Maria did claim to have broken her bottom!).


As the sun was shining, we decided to have a quick stroll around St Ives to show the girls this quaint and picturesque fishing village.  Ankie, Christy and Benny took the opportunity to sample more of Cornwall’s delicious ice creams, and Charlotte was very tempted by the fish and chips on offer.  After a bracing walk along the sea front we returned to the minibuses to drive back to school.  You can see some photos from our afternoon here.  After dinner, Malvern seemed to become the social centre of the school as we welcomed some of the boys from Pentreve for a game of cards, some of the boys from Trennick for a game on the Nintendo, and some of the girls from Poltisco to watch a film.  It was lovely to see everyone getting on and mixing so well between the four houses.


On Sunday, most girls had a lie in, although Alice was up fairly early to travel to Bodmin for her weekly flying lesson.  After brunch, it was time for getting on with prep, using the sports centre, or popping into town to pick up any essentials.  The house was fairly quiet as the girls got on with what they needed to do.  This evening, they are tidying their rooms, and finishing any last bits of homework and washing.