Malvern – Shopping in the Sunshine

As one beautifully sunny week draws to an end, all of the girls in Malvern are looking forward to Monday morning with a mix of nerves and excitement. Penelope continues with her internal 4th Year exams this coming week, Veronica has her last GCSE exam on Wednesday, the Lower Sixth begin a week of work experience placements, and the Upper Sixth are continuing with their A2 exams – lots to look forward to!


Last week the Lower Sixth girls returned to lessons as their period of study leave ended. They were both happy and sad to be back – happy because it meant the end of exams, but sad because it also meant that they were in class all day just as the weather improved!  Despite this, the girls did make the most of the sunshine in the evenings and during their Wednesday afternoon activity sessions.


On Friday evening, Elisa marked the start of Spain’s World Cup campaign by painting Spanish flags on her cheeks and enduring a very painful 90 minutes in front of the TV.  She has now transferred her allegiance to Germany, so I’m sure that she, Theresa and Bo will be cheering on the Germans this week. The rest of the girls sought refuge from the football by watching films, chatting or revising. They also put a lot of time and effort into planning their shopping trip to Plymouth the next day – lists were written and bags were packed as if it were a military operation!  I had thought that four hours would be enough time to shop on Saturday, but I was told very seriously that at least six hours were required for the kind of shopping that Malvern girls do!


On Saturday morning we therefore got up relatively early to take the 9 o’clock train from Truro to Plymouth, and descended on Drake’s Circus shopping centre.  I have to say that even I was impressed with the bargains that the girls managed to find, and even though it seemed like they bought up half of Primark, they assured me that it would all be worth it when I saw them all dressed up and ready to go to the summer ball. We got back to school just in time for dinner, which was – of course – followed by a good deal of trying on and modelling of new outfits. Apart from that it was a fairly quiet evening, as the Upper Sixth girls were tired from a day’s revision, and everyone else was all shopped out!


On Sunday, a very welcome lie in was followed by a hearty brunch. Theresa, Bo and Eliska joined the Pentreve boys and Mrs Mulready on an afternoon trip to Swanpool beach, while the rest of the house spent the time studying or otherwise preparing for the week ahead.