Malvern – shopping and cinema trips

At the risk of repeating myself, I have to say that yet again it’s been a very busy week for the girls in Malvern House!  Added to the usual rounds of lessons, prep, sport and music, I’m very happy to report that Nini and her partner won their first round heat of the Cambridge Union debating competition on Thursday, and Jessie was part of a team that won their regional heat in a national economics competition on Friday – well done both!


After all of that excitement we had a fairly quiet Friday evening in the house, and the girls were keen to have early nights in preparation for a Christmas shopping trip to Plymouth on Saturday – believe me, these girls take their shopping very seriously!  We took a lovely, sunny train ride to Plymouth before the girls were let loose for four hours of retail therapy in the shopping centre.  No-one went too mad, but suffice to say that we set Primark’s cash tills ringing!  After a well-deserved dinner back at school the girls set about trying on and modelling their purchases, particularly the outfits that they’re preparing for the Christmas ball.  The house then split between our TV sets, half of the girls watching the X Factor, and the other half the special episode of Dr Who; Leanne even ventured out to the cinema with friends to watch Dr Who in 3D!


On Sunday, after a lie in and brunch the girls mostly did a couple of hours of prep, the exception being Liva who was playing in a county badminton tournament held at school, and did very well to win the first of her matches.  Later in the afternoon we went to the cinema with some of the boys from Trennick to watch the new ‘Hunger Games’ film, which the girls all very much enjoyed.  The evening was then spent finishing prep, tidying bedrooms and generally getting ready for the week ahead.