Malvern – Royal Cornwall Show

With uncertain weather conditions looming our plans for the weekend activities remained dubious, in fact by 10pm on Friday night we actually had a plan A, B and C!  Nonetheless, on waking up on Saturday morning and immediately looking at the weather forecast it was so exciting to realise that the minibus wasn’t going to get stuck in the mud in a rain soaked field in Cornwall, and that we would be able to attend the Royal Cornwall Show!


After a hearty brunch and some last minute borrowing of wellington boots we set off.  Many of the girls had never seen such a magnificent array of things to look at, taste, buy or sit on! Everything in Cornwall, and indeed everyone in Cornwall appeared to be there.  Rare breeds, dancing sheep, motor bike gymnasts, very large rabbits and fantastic food.  I think between all of the girls in the boarding house we managed to try out every type of cheese ever made.  What a brilliant day, and although we were tired when we got home we were all happy and reflective about all of the items that we had purchased.


In the evening we set up a two screen movie theatre in Malvern, one screen in the boarding house and one in my house.  My house had the horror movie (15 yrs), although as we snuggled under our blankets and ate ridiculous amounts of M&Ms we soon realised that horror wasn’t quite the correct terminology to describe this movie: the film was a little weird perhaps, or even spooky but horrifying it was not.  It was however, definitely fun, and with our endless supplies of candles I am sure this will become an event to be repeated.


Sunday was a day of work for all of us, with teachers’ reports looming, AS lessons about to start again, as well as A2 exams being in full swing, and as is often the case in Malvern there was little time to stop!  A great weekend.