Malvern – Rest and Relaxation

Well after a very busy three weeks the girls and I decided it was time for a little rest and relaxation before we tackle the second half of the first half of term!! On Saturday morning all but the hardiest of girls had a lie in, I imagine even the girls who took an exe at and went home or went to visit friends probably stayed in bed as long as possible. Saturday afternoon was followed by sports hall sessions and shopping therapy, then for the Chinese a great night out. With Chinese food served up in the dining room and then the evening attempting to look at the moon, the Moon Festival was celebrated in true Cornish fashion. Just a shame it was cloudy. On Sunday we had a slightly earlier start with sports for some and school work for others, by the afternoon however, the shops were calling again especially as the sun was shining and drawing all of us outside. A lovely peaceful and happy weekend was had by all, so hopefully well refreshed we should all be ready for the challenges that lie ahead in the next few weeks.


Claire Murphy
Head of Girls’ Boarding