Malvern – Recharging the Batteries

Welcome back to the second half of the spring term at Truro School! It was a rather abrupt start for the Malvern girls, as all of them apart from Penelope have spent the week taking mock AS and A2 Level examinations. They have worked very hard and coped admirably with the extra stress of these exams, supporting each other in their customary manner, and Mrs Murphy and I have been very proud of them. The results of the exams will be given to the girls next week and then sent to parents during the subsequent week, and I’m sure our girls will have learnt much from the experience. It was lovely to also welcome Jenny, Julia, Beth and Lizzie into the house for the week as they took advantage of the boarding study package that was on offer.


Having survived five days of exams, most of the girls were keen for a quiet evening on Friday. Even Agne, Anna, Alysia, Benny and Nini who had been invited to a friend’s house for the night decided to come back to Malvern to sleep as they were so exhausted, and quite a few of the girls asked if they could go to bed before the nightly 10pm roll call!


On Saturday, we had a leisurely brunch in main school and then the rest and relaxation continued as we welcomed a make-up artist into the house to give a make-up demonstration and lesson. Miss Hargreaves and the girls from Poltisco House joined us for this, and we all snuggled up on Malvern’s comfy sofas to learn about skin care and how to get a flawless, yet natural looking finish with make-up. Two of the Poltisco girls and our own Alysia were brave and volunteered to have their make-up done, and the result was to make Alysia even more beautiful (if that were possible!) – just look at those eye lashes! After dinner, some of the boys from Trennick House can down to Malvern to chat, and we watched some films in the lounge; Anna finished off a day of movie watching with the epic Black Swan.


The relaxed theme to the weekend continued on Sunday, as all of the girls apart from Nini, who was working in the school gallery, enjoyed a lie in before brunch. The afternoon was then spent popping into town for a spot of shopping, watching TV and films, and generally recharging batteries ahead of lessons restarting tomorrow. Benny also had a rehearsal for the Senior Charity Concert which is taking place on Wednesday, where she is singing a solo. Mrs Murphy, I and most of the Malvern girls are going along to watch the concert and to support Benny and also Nancy who is helping to organise it and we wish them, and all of the other performers, the very best of luck. As I write now, the girls are finishing their washing, tidying their rooms, and packing their bags for tomorrow morning.