Malvern – rain interrupted play

Even with the best laid plans, in England the weather is always going to cause disruption and this weekend was definitely no exception.  We thought about horse riding, cycling on the Camel Trail and go-karting, but even with the best will in the world we knew none of this was going to happen.  With the roads flooded and the train lines floating away in the sea we knew our best bet was to stay home and keep dry.  So, with a positive spirit and umbrellas at the ready most of us managed to make it to either the shops or the gym.  Elisa, Theresa and Liva however, deserve the most credit: they managed to dance in the sports centre for three hours on Saturday, and although they could barely walk the next day they were very proud of their achievements.  Liva actually then did incredibly well as she also had four hours of county badminton training on Sunday!  A final well done too, to Becky and Bo who sang with the school choir in Falmouth on Sunday morning.  I am sure that they didn’t really mean to set the alarm off first thing Sunday morning and wake everyone up!


Sunday night was spent packing and tidying up for the end of half term next Friday; lost clothes were re-appearing and excitement spread as everyone realised it was only a matter of a few days before we could all go away for a good rest.  It’s been a fun and relaxing weekend even if the weather wasn’t fully on our side.


Claire Murphy – Housemistress, Malvern House