Malvern – Putting on our Racing Suits

Another busy week ended with a full weekend of activities as summer held on for a final few days. Saturday afternoon saw 1st XV rugby at home. This allowed Alysia and Anna to try and explain the rules of this strange game to Maria and Toni. Quite how much they understood is unclear but they didn’t seem to mind watching lots of young men fighting for victory!


Possibly inspired by the rugby team, Saturday evening was spent on beauty treatments. A terrifying array of face packs, hot oils, cling film and other secret ingredients were involved and fortunately no-one saw us halfway through. They might have thought Hallowe’en had come early! The end result is that we now all look even more awesome than before!


Having been so perfectly groomed, Sunday saw us getting into racing suits, balaclavas and helmets to get hot and messy down at the Go Kart Track at Hayle. I think we should have programmed our activities the other way round! Having started fairly gently in the first session, and sorted out who was fastest, the second session saw us racing against Pentreve Junior boys’ team. Time to get serious and really turn on the speed! All of us were far faster but Agne was the star coming first and beating all of the boys.  You can see a selection of photos from our weekend here.


There is now only one weekend left before half term, so soon all our thoughts will be turning to seeing family and friends again. Time for a bit more work and then only one more weekend before we once again head off to our own cosy bedrooms.


Claire Murphy – Head of Boarding