Malvern – paintballing wars

It has, unsurprisingly, been a very busy first week back at school.  We are very pleased to welcome two new girls into Malvern House: Margot has joined us from France for this term; and Zennor Rose is a new weekly boarder.  Both girls have settled in wonderfully, and have quickly become part of our big, happy family.


Friday was an notable day for our 5th Year and Lower Sixth boarders as it was their last day at school before going on study leave in preparation for their up-coming GCSE and AS Level exams.  The day was – in fairly equal measure – fun, memorable, nostalgic, and a bit nerve-wracking!  We are lucky to have an incredibly dedicated and self-disciplined group of girls in Malvern House, and I am sure that they are well prepared for their exams, and will cope admirably with the pressures of the public exam season.  Good luck girls!


As revision is the order of the day, we had a fairly quiet day on Saturday, so that the girls could get to grips with their academic work, pop into town, and squeeze in some exercise too.  After a good, balanced day we decided that we needed to let our hair down a little bit in the evening so we congregated in the lounge to watch a DVD together.  The girls’ choice of ‘Burlesque’, starring Cher and Christina Aguilera certainly provided some escapism!


On Sunday the sun came out so we thought that it would be good to get out in the fresh air, and what better way to get rid of exam nerves and frustrations than shooting paintballs at the boys from Trennick!  We formed two, mixed teams at Big Dunc’s Paintball, and spent two, fun hours storming bridges, ‘blowing up’ castles, and shooting Mr Lawrence!  You can see a gallery of photos from our afternoon here.  Hot and tired, we returned to school just in time for dinner.  In the evening the girls tackled a bit more school work, as well as the usual rounds of laundry and room tidying.


The next day was Bank Holiday Monday, and as such there was no school.  All four boarding houses did have great plans laid for a joint trip to the beach followed by a BBQ, but unfortunately they were stymied by the Great British weather.  Instead the girls enjoyed a well-earnt lie-in followed by an afternoon and evening of school work, TV watching, and socialising.


Next week sees the first of the GCSE exams for Veronica, and continued hard work for all of our other senior girls.  I’m sure that they will keep their chins up and soldier through.