Malvern – Making New Friendships

It has been lovely to welcome the girls back to Malvern House following what we hope was a relaxing and restful break for everyone.  A few girls were a little delayed, especially Veronica who missed her connection and ended up arriving back very late, but she recovered quickly and is now once again ready to start the next week full of life and energy.


Saturday was a catch up day with lots of unpacking, trips to the shops and last minute homework to complete.  In the evening we watched films and decided to go for the healthy option of eating yoghurt instead of sweets, which was probably a first for the Malvern girls.


On Sunday all of the boarders went to Bombadiga’s Laser Quest at Redruth.  We separated into four groups and basically shot lasers at each other all afternoon.  Everyone had a great time regardless of whether they won or not and soon many new friendships were made with the recently arrived new pupils from the other boarding houses.  Team 4 eventually won but everyone went home happy.  Sunday night was an evening of organisation, getting all of our clothes, sports kit and work ready for Monday because as ever we all know that every week at Truro School is going to be busy.