Malvern – Just Dance

Friday night was busy for many as Leanne, Emily, Bo, Hannah and Becky performed in the school concert in St Agnes. For the rest of us it was a time to catch our breaths after a hectic week and to spend some time with friends. Some of the most energetic girls went for an evening run, while Liva went to training with Truro Badminton Club.


On Saturday the girls spent some time in town, made a start on their prep, and generally relaxed. Elisa ventured to a dance school in Truro for the first time and joined in with a two hour contemporary dance class, while Benny set a new house record by watching four DVDs in one day! In the evening we invited some of the boys from Trennick down to Malvern, and Jessie and Candice went to the cinema to see Romeo and Juliet.


On Sunday we decided to mark the release of a new edition of Just Dance (our favourite Nintendo Wi game) by having a house dance competition. Names were drawn randomly and it was great to see all of the girls getting involved (even Penelope and Alice, who assured me that they didn’t dance!). After a few knock-out rounds the two semi-finals were between Leanne and Crystal, and Veronica and Benny. Some very energetic dancing saw Crystal and Veronica emerge victorious and battle it out in the final. Crystal just gained a few more points than Veronica and so claimed the trophy (see attached photo!). This evening the girls will finish their prep and get ready for the last full week of this half term – where has the time gone to?


gallery of images from the weekend is available to view.


Harriet Thompson
Assistant Housemistress, Malvern House