Malvern – Indian Dancing

Well to say it’s been a busy week with lots of girls doing lots of different things would probably be an understatement!


On Wednesday evening we all went down to Truro city centre to watch the Festival of Lights.  This is a parade by all of the local schools showing the different giant lanterns that they have made.  There must have been about twenty schools attending with Truro School right up there amongst them.  The city was incredibly busy but none of us managed to get lost or drop a lantern so that was a relief!


On Friday night a group of our girls – Maria, Agne and Toni amongst them – decided that they would take a break from the school food and booked a meal at our local Chinese restaurant.  All of their plans went well until they headed off to see ‘Hunger Games 2′ at the cinema and then remembered that they hadn’t booked any tickets and the performance was full.  So they came back to the house and watched a DVD with Callum instead!


On Sunday we all went up to the dance studio and got taught some Indian Dance routines, which was great fun.  I made a video of their efforts and now hope that the girls might perform at our boarders’ Christmas dinner…. you never know!


Other events this week included Toni playing hockey for the school at Plymouth, Alysia stepping in as a substitute lifeguard, Christie and Penelope meeting up with friends from Hong Kong and Nini attempting to work at the Gallery – if only someone had remembered to unlock it.


With three weeks to go until we break up, the excitement of Christmas is beginning to build, especially now that the city lights have been switched on.  The girls have a lot to look forward to before term ends – the Christmas fete, ice skating at Eden and shopping in Plymouth! We love Christmas time!