Malvern – Hall for Cornwall Visit

Congratulations & Birthdays

As is customary, we begin with some well dones for our fabulous Malvern girls. Firstly to Alysia for earning a Head Master’s Commendation, second to Nancy for getting her first offer of a place on a Nursing degree course, and finally to Nini and Anna for representing the boarding house and the school at a modern foreign languages speaking competition during the week. We’ve also celebrated two big birthdays this weekend as both Beccy and Hannah have turned 18 – happy birthday girls!

Boarding on Friday Night

Friday night was relatively quiet in the house as Hannah and Beccy departed for the weekend and the rest of the girls settled down for a relaxing evening. Although Nancy deciding to try on her Tigger onesie in preparation for Hannah’s Disney themed birthday party did provide us with quite a lot of entertainment!

Hall for Cornwall Visit

On Saturday we had a lovely brunch and then Alice travelled over to Bodmin for a flying lesson. Agne went into town to complete her weekly volunteering stint in a charity shop and Alysia went out for a lovely lunch with her mum and grandma in advance of Mother’s Day.

In the afternoon, the rest of us went to the Hall for Cornwall to see the English Touring Theatre’s production of Arcadia, a play revolving around a scandal that rocked the household of Lady Croom almost 200 years ago: an affair, possibly involving Lord Byron and resulting in a fatal duel! Not just that, but the play touched on ideas of Newtonian physics, relativity, free will and determinism – a lot for a Saturday afternoon!


In order to cool our frazzled brains we even had to squeeze in a visit to Truro’s best gelato shop on the way home! After dinner, Agne went to stay at a friend’s house for the night, Nini went out for Beccy’s birthday dinner, and Alysia, Anna and Emily went up to Trennick to watch a film with some of the boys. The highlight of the evening though was undoubtedly Benny’s blending experiment which resulted in a whole round of Oreo milkshakes!

A Relaxed Sunday

On Sunday morning there was a lie in for most of the girls, although Nini headed up to the school gallery fairly early, and Benny and Emily took the train over to Liskeard to join Hannah and her family for a birthday lunch. Christy, Veronica, Ankie, Penelope and Yoyo have had a fairly quiet day, cooking and studying. This evening will be more of the same, as homework is finished, washing is done and bags are packed ready for Monday morning.