Malvern – Go-Karting in a Hail Storm

Friday was a day of celebration in Malvern House, as not only were we able to congratulate our Lower Sixth students who had that very day been appointed School Prefects, but many of the girls went out into town for a belated birthday dinner for Benny.  On her 17th birthday, Benny had had to travel to London for a university interview, so instead (and somewhat appropriately, just like the Queen!) she got to have a second birthday so that she could enjoy herself properly.  The girls feasted on burgers, chips and cake at the Hub Box, and arrived back (with a tiara and balloons for the birthday girl, of course) full and happy.


Very many congratulations to Alysia, who has been appointed as a Geology Prefect, Ankie, who is a History Prefect, Alice, who is a Maths Prefect and Agne who is a French Prefect.  There will be another opportunity for the rest of the Lower Sixth to volunteer to take on further positions of responsibility later in the year, and I very much hope that all of our Malvern girls will apply, as they really are such a lovely and talented bunch.


Last but not least, we are also celebrating the wonderful university offers that all of our Upper Sixth girls are receiving.  Beccy and Hannah are the first two in the house to get offers from all five of the universities that they applied to, but Emily, Yoyo and Nini each have four offers, and are just waiting for their fifth choice universities to reply to them.  Our girls are rightfully in demand!


On Saturday morning we enjoyed brunch together and then Penelope and Christy set off to meet a friend who was visiting for the day, while the rest of us boarded the minibus to head over to St Eval for an afternoon’s go-karting along with the girls from Poltisco House.  After donning overalls, balaclavas, gloves and helmets we were ready to let racing commence!  We began with a pace lap behind the marshal so that everyone could learn the course and get the hang of the karts, and then it was a free for all, as the speed demons amongst us were able to perfect their overtaking moves, and the more sedate drivers mastered the art of tight cornering.  To be honest it was quite difficult to know who was who inside the helmets and overalls, but everyone agreed that Agne and Nini were very quick, and that I wasn’t!  During our second session on the track there was a heavy hail storm which created very slippy driving conditions and meant that there were lots of exciting spins: Chloe from Poltisco even almost broke through the tyre wall at one point!  We all finished the afternoon a bit chilly but in one piece though, and arrived back at Malvern ready for a round of hot chocolates.  You can see some photos from our afternoon here.  After dinner, the girls will continue to work through their prep and relax in the house.  The cold weather has made the prospect of a DVD night inside very tempting!


Tomorrow will be a quiet day in the house as the girls enjoy a bit of a lie in, and then spend the day working, doing their washing and perhaps popping into town.  Beccy is involved in a concert with the school choir in the morning, so we wish her all the very best with that.  It’s hard to believe that there are just two weeks of this half term remaining – where on earth is the time going to?