Malvern – Dancing in the Moonlight

Welcome to the year of the horse from Malvern House!  In order to celebrate the new year across Asia, three of our Hong Kong students gave an assembly at the Pre-Prep School this week.  One of these was our very own Jessie, so a huge well done to her for making this such an educational and enjoyable experience for the Pre-Prep students.  All of the Malvern girls were also very keen to find out what animal’s year they had been born in, and what characteristics they were therefore supposed to have!  On Friday night the boarders from Hong Kong, China and Thailand from all three boarding houses went out to celebrate the new year with a Chinese meal, and had an excellent time (there were some very full tummies in the house that evening!).


On Saturday we fell into our usual routine of a little lie-in before breakfast, and then straight up to the Sports Centre to use the fitness suite.  After lunch, most of the girls went out into town to meet friends or to do some shopping, while Liva and Elisa used the dance studio.  In the evening, the girls had a choice of either going to the Hall for Cornwall to see the rock group Top Loader in concert, or joining the boys from Trennick who were going to the cinema to see ‘Lone Survivor’.  Both groups had a lot of fun, as Top Loader played all of their hits (including ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’) to a very appreciative crowd, and ‘Lone Survivor’ turned out to be an engrossing (if rather gory!) film.


After a rather late Saturday night, we were all grateful for a lie-in on Sunday morning, and to finally see some sunshine as we walked up the hill for brunch.  Most girls spent the day in the house, working through their prep, doing their washing, tidying their rooms and generally getting ready for the week ahead.  It’s hard to believe that there are only two weeks of lessons left before the half term break – time flies when you’re having fun!