Malvern – Dancing On Ice

Action packed doesn’t even begin to describe this last week. We have had Christmas markets, Dr Livingstone plays, monopoly nights, school fayres and finally a trip to the Eden Project for ice skating, hot chocolates and tours of the world famous biomes.

So where do I begin?  Much of this week was spent not only working hard academically but also creatively.  Maria and Toni were amazing and so impressive with the amount of work they put into making jewellery and candles for the school Christmas fayre.  We were raising money for a local hospice and bereavement charity and the girls worked so hard in producing so many gifts for us to sell.

On Sunday we had a spectacular afternoon.  I had no idea that we had so many talented skaters as well as a few nervous ones (Anna and Alysia!) amongst our girls.  To see the whole boarding community dancing on ice was so much fun.  It was an odd contrast though, moving on the same site firstly, from an ice rink and then on to a Mediterranean biome in the middle of Cornwall.  One minute we were drinking hot chocolates and the next eating ice creams!  You can see a gallery of photos from our weekend here.

As I write this blog on Sunday evening however, there is great excitement in the house as the girls are preparing for the Sixth Form ball tomorrow night.  Next week already appears to be starting when this one hasn’t even finished – such is life at Truro School.

Claire Murphy – Head of Boarding