Malvern – Create and Paint

Friday evening was a relatively quiet one in the house, as Alysia, Beccy, Emily, Hannah and Nancy all left for a night or two at home or with friends.  Those staying at Malvern decided to watch Grease (and sing along too, of course!) and generally spend the evening relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.


On Saturday we woke up to heavy rain.  This disappointed all of us, but most of all Agne, who had been due to represent the school in a sailing competition.  Unfortunately the conditions at Loe beach were too poor so the event was cancelled.  That being the case, many of the girls decided to make the most of having the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre on our doorstep, and so fuelled by a good brunch they hit the fitness suite en masse.  After that there was time for trips into town and some homework.  Charlotte spent the afternoon and evening at Poltisco House with her friends there in order to celebrate Maria’s birthday, while some of the Trennick boys came down to Malvern in the evening.


After a lie in and brunch on Sunday we headed over to Cornish Gold, near Portreath for a spot of artistic relaxation!  All of the girls chose a ceramic object to paint: from mugs to owls; snowmen to fairies, we have a fair idea of what you may now be lucky enough to get from your daughters for Christmas!  After two hours’ painting we left our creations behind to be fired in the kiln, and returned to school.  The remainder of the afternoon and evening was spent finishing homework, tidying bedrooms and generally getting ready for the week ahead.  Maria was lucky enough to be taken out for dinner by her guardians while the rest of us enjoyed our meal at school.