Malvern – Coastal Adventures

With the first full week of school completed, the autumn term is now fully under-way at school and within Malvern House. The boarders who were new girls just ten days ago now seem like they’ve been here forever, and they already have long lists of clubs and activities to attend and friends to socialise with. We’ve found out that in the shape of Becky, Alice, Bo, Megan, Leanne and Penelope we have a house full of talented musicians (the piano is never silent!), Liva has made quite an impression at the school badminton club, Laura is sailing with the school, Clara and Elisa are signing up for dance classes, Veronica and Yoyo are about to start twice-weekly tae kwon do, Sharnie is enjoying the school tennis club, Milly is playing netball for the school, and Nini is signed up for some competitive debating! And that’s not to mention the lessons that have been attended, the prep that has been done, and the good use being made of the brand new Sports Centre! A prize goes to Veronica here for being the first member of the house to earn a school commendation for a piece of maths work that she had done – well done Veronica!


As a further example of how busy the girls are, our Sixth Form artists (Becky, Clara, Elisa and Bo) spent Friday to Sunday afternoon on an Art trip to Cape Cornwall, where they were inspired by the beautiful landscape to create art using clay, pottery, and by drawing and painting. They also visited some dis-used mines and learnt a little about the heritage of the area, as well as some colourful Cornish phrases and expressions!


With all that activity the rest of the girls had a couple of very well-earned lie-ins this weekend, followed by a free afternoon and house movie (and popcorn!) night on Saturday, and a rather more adventurous afternoon of coasteering on Sunday. If you haven’t heard of coasteering before it’s a combination of sea swimming, rock climbing, caving, and cliff jumping all rolled into one, and the rocky headlands around Newquay are the perfect place to give it a go. Wearing wet suits, buoyancy aids and helmets we were taught how to do shallow and deep water entries and exits, and then set off on a course around the cliffs, swimming in the sea, traversing the cliff edges, and off course, jumping off the cliffs too. I was incredibly proud of the girls who almost all had a go at this, and particularly of Alice and Penelope who managed the 6m jump, and Megan, Nini, Liva, Leanne and Laura who all did the highest, 10m jump! It was an action packed, and adrenaline filled few hours!


Once home, showered and fed, we passed a quiet Sunday evening finishing off prep and getting ready for the week ahead. I’m not quite sure what it will bring, but I’m sure it’ll be just as busy!


A gallery of imags of images from the  is available to view.


Harriet Thompson
Assistant Housemistress, Malvern House