Malvern – Climbing High

At the end of only the second week of the spring term, the girls in Malvern have already achieved so much and Beccy added to this on Friday evening by representing the house wonderfully playing in the school concert at St Michael’s Church, Newquay.  The rest of us, however, decided to have a fairly quiet night in the house on Friday to recharge our batteries.  Nini watched some TV in the lounge, while the other girls chatted, watched films, and got on with some of their homework.


Saturday morning was a fairly early one for Alysia as she had volunteered to help in school with the annual 11+ entrance exam.  I’m sure that many teachers wouldn’t have so willingly given up their Saturday morning to help to supervise a bunch of over-excited 10 and 11 year-olds, so we’re very proud of Alysia for doing this – well done!  After brunch, the rest of the girls either went into town, used the fitness suite in the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre, or relaxed in the house.  Agne, Alysia and Anna went to the cinema to see the new Stephen Hawking bio-pic The Theory of Everything and then had dinner out in town.  They absolutely loved the film, although warn you that it’s very sad in places too.  Veronica and Ankie continued their fitness regime by dancing very energetically along to the Wii’s Just Dance game.


Unfortunately for her, Alysia had another early morning on Sunday as she left to travel to Plymouth to take part in a swimming competition.  We are very proud of her for recording a new personal best time in the pool – what a talented bunch we have in the house!  In the afternoon, the rest of us travelled over the Penryn for an indoor climbing session.  Ankie and Christy were beginners having never climbed before.  Ankie was absolutely terrified to start with, and screamed all the way up (and down!) her first climb, but then both girls really got into it, and ended up both reaching the top of several different routes of increasing difficulty – well done!  Agne, Alice, Anna, Penelope and Veronica had all climbed before so started off on some more challenging climbs.  Although they all did excellently (although Alice was unusually tired after an extra-long session in the gym yesterday), Anna was the real star of the show.  It was like having our very own Spiderwoman the way that she flew up and down the wall!  You can see a gallery of photos from our afternoon here and in one of them you’ll notice that she’s almost doing the splits!


We returned to school in time for dinner and the usual Sunday evening routine of finishing off homework, sorting washing and generally getting ready for the week ahead.