Malvern Boarding Update – 15 September 2015 – Art Workshop

The first, full week of school seems to have passed by in a bit of a blur for the students and staff alike; suffice to say that it has been busy, demanding but also a lot of fun! Please find below our official ‘house photo’ – what a wonderful bunch of girls!
House Photo - Malvern, Senior Girls' Boarding 2015-16
On Wednesday of this week, Sasha travelled to Exeter Cathedral with the school Chamber Choir to sing at an evensong service. She loved having the chance to sing in such a beautiful and special building, but didn’t enjoy sitting in the coach in traffic for the many hours it somehow took to get there and back! Meanwhile, Beth had her first taste of the school’s Wednesday afternoon surfing sessions, and our several netballers were training hard on the school courts. In the evening, the girls were very gracious hosts to two girls who are visiting Truro School as part of a cultural exchange with our partner school in Slovenia and who came down to spend the evening with us in Malvern.
Of course, our girls have worked hard inside the classroom as well as outside, and I would like to congratulate Lily, Kitty, Anna and Christy for receiving their first commendations of the year for effort, and Yuki for receiving a commendation for academic achievement in Psychology – well done, girls!
On Friday, we said goodbye to our weekly boarders (some of whom left early to travel to Cape Cornwall on the joint Art and English trip), and also to Agne who had been invited to stay at a friend’s house overnight so that she could attend an 18th birthday party. The rest of us had a quiet night in, complete with TV, takeaway pizza, and a well-earned chance to relax.
On Saturday, Alysia and Anna went on a shoe-shopping mission (only one, very reasonably priced pair bought, I hasten to add!) while Veronica and Ankie cooked up a storm in the kitchen. The rest of the Lower Sixth girls got on with some homework, and the Upper Sixth took the opportunity to work on their university application personal statements and degree course research.
Sasha and Julia got up early on Sunday morning so that they could attend church services in Truro, and the rest of the girls enjoyed a lie in before brunch. Early in the afternoon we set off to Tolgus Tin Mine for an afternoon at ‘Create and Paint’. The girls chose a range of different objects which they painted and then left to be fired in the kiln. Mugs were the top choice this year, but I’m told that some lucky family members can also expect painted money boxes and figurines for their up-coming birthdays! I also attach a photo from our activity.
This evening, most of our weekly boarders have returned, we’ve tuned into The X Factor, and the girls have got themselves ready for the week ahead. I’m sure that it won’t seem like any time at all until you’re reading our blog next Sunday, at the end of yet another busy and exciting week.