Malvern Boarding – Surf Rider

Considering the exams are getting closer and the stress is getting greater most of the girls at the moment appear relatively relaxed and in control. There haven’t been too many extracurricular demands made of them this week so most appear to have a little more time on their hands for revision.
On Sunday however, we did all go out to the Retallick indoor surf rider. Alice was the only girl brave enough to have a go though and what a great effort she made at this sport. The other girls however, enjoyed the warm afternoon and most of them sat working in the upstairs lounge whilst drinking tea and eating biscuits! We arrived back at about 5pm just in time for more food and then a concerted effort to prepare for the busy week that lies ahead. Next Friday however, is the barn dance so at least there is some light on the horizon. As usual a lovely weekend spent with some lovely girls.