Malvern Boarding – Musicals, Birthdays and Scuba Diving

As the final weekend of the term draws to a close we are all feeling pretty ready for a holiday after a busy week and, if it’s possible, an even busier weekend!


During the week, most of the girls went up to the school’s Burrell Theatre to watch Nancy perform in The Sickle and The Scythe, a musical composed, scripted, produced and co-directed by one of the Lower Sixth students.


Both Nancy and the whole show were absolutely brilliant, so good in fact that those who went on Tuesday evening wanted to go again on Wednesday! Continuing the musical theme, Penelope took part in the Cornwall County Music Festival on Friday, playing the piano in one of the event’s competitions. Although she didn’t win she did wonderfully and we were all very proud of her for taking part.


Drama Musical at Truro School

Live Performance of The Sickle and The Scythe at the Burrell Theatre

Nancy Visits Scotland

After the rigours of rehearsing and performing in the musical Nancy flew up to Scotland on Thursday for a university interview on Friday. To her immense consternation all of the interviewees were made to write an essay as part of the selection process! She doesn’t get to hear the outcome for a little while, but we are sure that she will have done herself proud.

Students get Tested

On Friday, Agne set off for a weekend of wild camping and advanced navigation skills training as part of her Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expedition training. She returned on Sunday a little sun burnt and foot sore, but having successfully completed all of the weekend’s challenges and having had a great time too.


In a challenge of another kind, Veronica, Ankie and Christy travelled to Plymouth on Saturday to sit the IELTS (English language) exam. This was a very tough day for them, as it involved in a really early start from Truro and then hours of gruelling exams in speaking, writing, reading and listening. They all said that it was difficult, but I’m sure that they are being modest and that their results will be good.

Scuba Diving Lesson

For those remaining in the house on Saturday, the weekend activity was an introductory scuba diving session. This began in the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre with a safety briefing and theory lesson, before moving down to the swimming pool for the girls to try it out in practice. Ally and Anna loved the experience and are very keen to have a go at open water diving too. You can see them in the pool in the attached photo. Also on Saturday afternoon, we were very happy to welcome an former student, Jessie, back to Malvern. Jessie left last summer and is now studying for her degree at the LSE but wanted to come back to Truro to see all of her old friends and teachers. She is staying for a few days and we are all so pleased to see her.

18th Birthday Party

On Saturday evening, Emily, Benny, Nini and Alice travelled over to Liskeard on the train to attend Hannah’s 18th birthday party. This was a Disney-themed fancy dress party which seems to have been really great fun for all involved. The birthday girl dressed up as Rapunzel, while Alice was Minnie Mouse! Enjoying a little more cultured evening, Beccy spent Saturday singing in a concert at Truro Cathedral with the school choir and Truro Choral Society. As always the music was absolutely spectacular – well done Beccy!

Boarding on Sunday

After all of that rushing around, Sunday has been a quieter day in the house, giving the girls a chance to complete their homework, begin their packing and have a good rest. We will be sorry to see them all off over the course of this coming week, but know that they are all very much looking forward to seeing their families and spending some well-earned time in their own beds!