Malvern Boarding – Exam Preparation

After a busy week at school spent preparing for the forthcoming exams, we felt that it was time for a bit of R&R on Friday evening and so we assembled in the TV lounge to watch a film together.
We really enjoyed laughing through In Her Shoes, all apart from Benny who obviously wasn’t so impressed as she managed to fall fast asleep and snore through the second half of it!

Boarding on Saturday

On Saturday we had our usual brunch and then the girls spent a couple of hours studying. As soon as they couldn’t ignore the rumbling of their stomachs any longer, we called a break and all headed out to the Baking Bird café in town for tea and cake all round. We all agreed that the Baking Bird make the best cup-cakes in Truro and it was a real challenge to pull ourselves out of the comfy sofas and head back to Malvern and our books. In pursuit of both a healthy mind and a healthy body, Agne visited the school gym later in the afternoon, while the other girls used the school library to revise.

Boarding on Sunday

Sunday was another quiet day in the house, as almost all of the girls had exams the next day. It was really nice to see the girls so engaged with their studies, be it Agne painting in the garden, Anna revising Psychology in the kitchen, or the other girls hard at work in their bedrooms. It’s hard to believe that exams have come round so quickly! We wish the girls all the very best of luck, although we’re sure that the way that they’ve prepared this weekend, they won’t need it!