Malvern – beauty queens

After an exceptionally busy first week back at school -particularly for the Lower Sixth Form, who have been doing their mock exams – we felt that a bit of rest and relaxation was called for in Malvern this weekend.  In that spirit, several of the girls spent Friday evening at Hannah and Sarita’s joint 17th birthday party (Happy Birthday Hannah!), while most of the others made the most of the opportunity to have an early night, and catch up on their sleep.


On Saturday morning we all enjoyed a fantastic brunch, before venturing into town for a spot of shopping, watching some TV, or getting stuck into the weekend’s prep.  Our two resident beauty experts, Elisa and Theresa, undertook a mammoth shopping expedition to stock up on supplies for Sunday afternoon’s house pampering session, and came home with all sorts of lotions and potions!  In the evening, some of the girls went to the cinema to see ‘A New York Winter’s Tale’, while the rest relaxed in the house.


Sunday began with a lie-in, another great brunch, and a couple of hours’ free time for school work, washing and room tidying.  At 2pm we eagerly gathered in the lounge which Elisa and Theresa had transformed into Truro School’s very own beauty salon!  The girls spent a very fun two hours applying face masks, and bubblegum flavoured lip scrub, giving each other manicures and hand massages, and generally enjoying making themselves even more beautiful than they already were.  A huge thank you to Elisa and Theresa on behalf of all of the girls for the effort they put into the afternoon.  You can see some more images from the afternoon here.


After dinner, the house settled down to completing the last of the weekend’s homework, and getting ready for what will surely be another busy week ahead.  At least we can face this one with radiant complexions and well-rested brains!