Malvern – back to school it is!

Well back to school it is!  With wild and windy weather and severe storms the return of many of our girls back to school has been somewhat delayed, even the girls from the Isles of Scilly had to plan well in advance in order to cross the waters and make it safely back to Truro.  We are pleased to welcome however, four new members to the boarding house.  Toni Anders who is going to be living with us in Malvern for a year and is our gap year student from New Zealand, Toni is a keen hockey player and sports woman so hopefully she will be able to enthuse us with energy to lose those extra Christmas pounds.  Theresa is from Germany and is here for two terms, and we also welcome Eliska who will once again remain with us for two terms.  Samantha has moved from a day pupil to a boarder and we are really pleased to welcome her into our community as well.


This weekend as you can see from the boys’ blogs has been a fun and exciting one.  All of the boarders went over to Redruth in the pouring rain for Lazer Quest.  They spent nearly three hours shooting each other which proved very popular with everyone regardless of age or culture.  Benny seemed particularly pleased to shoot Dare, and Yoyo was clearly highly proficient as she was the only girl on the winning team!  Next week the girls and boys are off bowling so hopefully this might be a little less competitive – I doubt it though!  It’s good to be back, so fingers crossed for another exciting term in boarding.


Head of Girls’ Boarding – Claire Murphy